She’s not sure exactly why they’re fighting.

One second she’s telling her about her internet friends and the next, they’re screaming at each other. It’s honestly the worst, she’s never fought with her before. It’s kinda terrible the way her eyes sting and the way she feels like puking.

She’s never really fought with a friend, it’s always just been bantering. Harmless small arguments. And she thought this one was nothing too. It was supposed to be simple. They’d argue for some time and then they’d be laughing about their stupidity. It was supposed to be nothing. And now they’re not talking and she feels so sick.

She tried to calm it down, with sorry, let’s not fight and can we just leave it, only to be answered with a simple brush off. She hates this, she feels like crap.

Fighting sucks.

This sucks.

She wants it all to just stop, she’s done this only once, she has no clue what to do. And that time it was easier, not necessarily easy, because he lived on the other side of the world. But she sees her everyday, they talk everyday and she needs help.

And she’s talking to her internet friend, asking her what to do, and she‘s honestly so helpful about it. But she’s still confused, it’s still uncharted territory.

And honestly, she doesn’t know what she’s done but she’s so sorry, please.

She’s starting to get annoyed though, with her childishness. She hasn’t done anything wrong, she doesn’t deserve the cold shoulder.

And now none of them are talking to each other, it’s such a mess and please, she just wants it all to stop.

There’s a lot she wants to say, a lot she wants to hear, but her pride’s coming in the way and she can’t do this anymore. It’s like she wants to fight, and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

(This is stupid. I’m sorry. I’m not sure what this is about but honestly fighting with you, with anyone sucks like hell and just.)




Nate’s not sure what’s going through his mind.

It’s 9 at night and he’s sat at a restaurant, the poshest one he knows and he’s waiting for a date. Read More

All a Game

I love you.

She smiles as the lie passes through her lips, a bright smile that she’s mastered over the years. She looks into her eyes and she can tell she knows she’s lying, she knows but she won’t say. She won’t call her out on it because that’s the kind of person she is, but she can almost hear her heart breaking. Her smile drops a little, but not enough to be obvious. To the surrounding people, they look like a happy couple, awash in the new romance but that couldn’t be any further away from the truth. Read More


He’s feeling things he shouldn’t and he’s terrified.

He’s not supposed to be in love with his arch nemesis.

He’s not supposed to be in love with his arch nemesis who’s in love with a girl.

He’s not supposed to be in love with his arch nemesis who’s in love with a girl they’re fighting over.

He’s not supposed to be in love with his arch nemesis who’s in love with a girl they’re fighting over and is a boy. Read More


She was moving full-speed ahead, not looking back, just passing the milestones. Racing past them. And then she passed college, the tires screeching as she came to an unexpected stop. For the first time, she couldn’t see in front of her. She didn’t know what to do. Was she supposed to keep on going? Was she supposed to stop? Read More