I’m sorry

Hey, guys! How are y’all?

I’ve been gone for around a month I think, which is terrible. I apologize.

I also apologize for leaving.

I started this blog with a friend of mine. She left after a few months and I barely posted. From October or so last year, I tried posting regularly and it was working out. This blog’s been an important part of my life and you guys are amazing.

All of my friends know about this blog and sometimes it’s too much because there’s now boundaries. Stuff I can’t say because I know they’ll read it and it doesn’t work with me not telling half the truth.

So I’m sorry to say I’m abandoning this blog. I’m gonna miss this blog and all y’all. I’m gonna be starting a new blog, from the beginning. I’ll be reposting stuff so if you recognize anything it’s my new blog! For confidentiality reasons, I won’t be linking my new blog but if you’re interested in knowing the link, email me here.

Love y’all and I hope you find me again.




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