She’d made many promises. A lifetime of promises, if you will.

But she’d never kept any. Not a single one.

She’d promised to protect her doll from any harm coming her way but she’d left it on their sidewalk one evening and had come back the next morning to find it ripped to shreds.

She’d promised to keep her new bicycle clean, without a scratch but she’d crashed it into her neighbour’s fence just days after buying it.

She’d promised to take care of her new goldfish but she’d forgotten to feed it for three days and it’d died in the fishbowl.

She’d promised to finish all her homework before watching TV but she’d left the homework in ehr backpack, and her teacher had called her parents in the next day.

She’d promised to stay in touch with her old childhood friends but she hadn’t talked to them since she’d moved away from her hometown.

She’d promised to go home straight away after school ended but she’d wandered into a cafe downtown, wasting hours flirting with the cute barista and getting grounded on coming back home.

She’d promised to take care of her niece that night but she’d been unable to find her when they were playing hide and seek and she’d had to call her sister, interrupting an important meeting of hers.

She’d broken hundreds of promises, but she swore she wouldn’t break this promise. She would never ever break his heart. She would never ever hurt him. She’d vowed it in front of the people she loved most and sealed it with a ring.