Meeting her was yellow like happiness, sunshine, melting butter. Sunflowers, wide smiles and beaches. Buttery popcorn, cold ice sliding down hot skin and unique. Bright eyes, butterscotch and oh, so beautiful.

Getting to know her was green like dewdrops on grass, trimmed meadows, peaceful. Earthy, Trees, ribbons and vital. Refreshing, wonderful and oh, so beautiful.

Kissing her was red like blood, addictive, intoxicating. Dangerous, rose petals and rich. Smooth, paradoxical and oh, so beautiful.

Loving her was purple like brilliant, fire on water, violets. Cold yet not cold, hot but not hot and keeping him on his toes. Confusing, exhilarating and oh, so beautiful.

Touching her was orange like sunrises, new beginnings, immortal. Sunsets, calming and fiery passion. Warm, comforting and oh, so beautiful.

Losing her was blue like tears, numb, cold. Sleepless nights, puffy eyes and broken hearts. Standoffish, pessimistic and oh, so beautiful.

She made him feel rainbows and he’d found the pot of gold.