He opened the door of the cafe, stepping in, searching for him. His eyes met a familiar pair of icy blue eyes and he grinned. He got to his feet, winding between the small tables and chairs to reach him. He met him halfway, falling into his comforting arms.

He knew it was wrong. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this. He knew he shouldn’t be hiding this from his parents, his friends. He shouldn’t have been sneaking to cafes and clubs for months to meet him without telling anyone. He shouldn’t have been using his best friend as an excuse for so long. He shouldn’t have been ‘fraternising with the enemy.’ He shouldn’t have been running to him as a source of comfort. He shouldn’t have been hiding him. He shouldn’t have been wanting him in ways that were terribly inappropriate. He shouldn’t have been falling in love with him.

But every time he caught his eye, every time he knowingly smirked at him, every time their lips met, every time he touched him, every time he saw him, his heart told him it was okay.

It was a war of hearts and the battles hadn’t even started, but he was already winning.