His eyes were pleading as he asked her for another chance. He’d made a mistake, that the girl meant nothing to him, not when compared to her, it’d never happen again and all that bullshit.

But frankly she was sick of it. She was sick of the same old mistakes and the same old apologies. She was sick of the same old arguments and the same old makeup sex. She was sick of the same old hands and the same old smiles. She was sick of the same old feelings of safety and stability. She was sick of the same old routines and familiarity. She was sick of the same old kisses and the same old love. She wanted more. Hell, she needed more.

She needed excitement and thrills. She needed surprises and shocks. She needed powerful connections and overwhelming emotions. She needed messes and sloppy kisses. She needed that feeling of adrenaline and an electric tingle when he touched her. She needed butterflies in her stomach and tears of joy. She needed passion and impromptu making love. She needed nervous hand holding and flitting eye contact. She needed romance that tugged at her heartstrings and made her feel things she’d never felt before. And she knew he couldn’t give her any of this.

So she looked into his eyes, the same old eyes and said,”No.”

A variety of emotions passed his face, love, disappointment, hurt. But the flurry of emotions settled on relief.

And she smiled at him.