She stepped towards the mirror, voices in her mind judging every aspect of her.

Thighs too fat, stomach too prodruting, eyes too big, right leg too long, butt too big, hair too rough, hands too small, voice too deep

No wonder he chose the other girl, the one with the thinnest thighs, the flattest stomach, the most beautiful eyes, the longest legs, the most perfect butt, the smoothest hair, the most elegant hands, the most velvety voice.

She could still hear the jeers of her fellow students, who were supposed to help the new girl, show her around, make her feel like she was one of them and help her make friends.

She’s so ugly, must be why she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Is she, like, pregnant?

She’s abnormally fat. Maybe she has an issue.

She could hear them talking, see them stop whispering when she passed by them in the hallways, feel them staring at her when she happened to wear shorts, or anything for that matter.

She stripped her shirt off. The voices in her mind growing louder and louder.

Way too many freckles, her boobs are huge

She steeled herself against the voices, the whispers, and put her chin up in defiance. She pulled off her favourite acid washed jeans.

Those scars make me wanna puke, she looks like the abominable snowman with all that hair

She stared at her reflection in the mirror, standing there in just her underwear. A tear slipped down her face as she took it all in. She could hear the compliments of her friends, her family.

You look hot in that dress.

I love your haircut.

You’re so pretty.

You’re adorable.

You sing beautifully.

You are beautiful.

She smiled at her reflection. Maybe she was beautiful.