She was tired of all the secrets.

She was tired of telling her dad that his marriage was perfect, when she very well knew that each time he left the house, his wife slept with his best friend.

She was tired of telling her parents that she was acing her tests, when she knew that she was just an ‘F’ away from repeating tenth grade because she just couldn’t care any less with everything going on in her life.

She was tired of acting like she’d never wanted a sibling, when she’d had one but never met her.

She was tired of pretending that it was smudged kaajal, when she knew that she hasn’t been able to sleep for countless nights, not ready to face the ghosts in her head.

She was tired of acting like she had actual friends who cared about her, when she knew that they all talked about her the second she turned her back.

She was tired of hiding the scars and telling people that no, I’m wearing a jacket cuz I’m cold, when she knew that just the day before she’d almost fainted from blood loss.

She was tired of it all.

She just wanted it to stop.