He looks at him, surprised to see a few tears fall down his face.

“Are you crying?”

He blinks away his tears as fast as he can, denying it,”No, Why would I do that?”

He grins at him and pulls him into a tight hug, sadly smiling when he feels his shirt dampen with tears. He presses his lips to his hair and softly mutters,”I’m gonna miss you too, love. But I’m gonna visit as soon as I can. You’re not getting rid of me this easily.”

He hears a halfhearted why not and his grin grows even bigger.”I think I need to go now though, babe.”

“Five more minutes.”

“I’m gonna miss my flight, sunshine.”

“All the better for me.”

He reluctantly pulls back a little before chastely kissing him one last time and stepping back. He kisses his forehead.”I love you.”

“Love you too. Don’t you dare find a new boyfriend there or I will personally come and—”

“Relax, I couldn’t even I wanted to. Unfortunately I’m in love with this guy who always wears black and is the most adorable thing to ever exist.”

He grumbles,”I’m not adorable,” But he‘s smiling and he just wants to hug him and never let go.

“Anyway I gotta go,” And his mood deflates in an instant.

“Oh right, yeah. Bye.”

He sneaks in another kiss on his temple and turns to enter the gate. A tear falls from his face and he just wants to leave before he starts begging him not to leave. It’s not even been five minutes since he left but he‘s already missing him so much he wants to burst.