Those days

Do you ever just feel like the world hates you? Like, everything in your life just happens to get screwed on the same frikin’ day?

Well, I have and honestly, it hurts.


You’ll probably wake up, thinking that it’s a good day, and everything will go your way.

You’ll probably embarrass yourself by noon in front of your crush. If you don’t…well, maybe everything isn’t as bad as usual.

You’ll probably forget some homework or find a way to piss off a teacher.

You might have a fight with your friend, leaving you in the crappiest of moods which will probably, risk getting grounded by your parents.


Though some days, it may seem like the world’s gonna end, it won’t. Some days just make you wanna scream and shout at the world for its injustice.

But trust me, letting out your frustrations by venting them out to your bestie or by writing it down somewhere helps in ways, unimaginable.

XxNostalgic musings, done nostalgically musingxX


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