Moments in class 1.1

“Here goes.”

“Just do it, it’s gotta work!” He said impatiently.

“What if it doesn’t?” The girl backfired.

“Then I’ll take the blame alright? Happy? Now do it already!”

“Fast, I don’t have all day,” our school photographer said.

The girl slowly put a Mentos in the Coke bottle and stepped back quickly.

“Why didn’t it work?” The boy questioned while in the booth next to them some potassium exploded in water.
“Well, I don’t know, should we try again?” said the girl as the boy stepped forward towards the bottle.

“I think we should just shake it.”

“I’m leaving if it doesn’t work again,” said the photographer.

“Moment of truth,” the girl said as the photographer bent down to take the picture, his hand adjusting the focus lens.

The boy shook it.

“Why isn’t it work-”
The bottle exploded and out came sweet, sticky, fizzy, cold liquid and drenched the boy head to toe, just as the camera flashed and took a picture. The potassium in the next booth fizzed even more unexpectedly knocking one of its experimenters down and sending a lit candle down on the floor near the charts which caught fire in the booth next to them. The girls in the booth screamed and ran to go call a teacher but one of their bracelets got caught in the table cloth and as she ran, she pulled it along with her. Glass broke, chemicals leaked, tripods fell. A P.E. teacher came running with a fire extinguisher and sprayed the entire area with thick, white, foam.
A silence passed through the crowd as everyone registered what happened.
“I told you, we just needed to shake it,” the boy said as the girl laughed and the photographer just shook his head smirking, while everyone else just stared in confusion.

XxNostalgic musings, done nostalgically musingxX 


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