Stories can change lives

“Wanna hear a story?”
She looked up from her notebook and frowned at him.”Huh?”
He took a deep breath and looked at her with warm, brown eyes. “Wanna hear a story?”
“We have class going on, idiot, so yeah, I do wanna hear a story.”
He rolled his eyes and looked around the classroom. Everyone was busy doing their question ‘n’ answers except for them. Their teacher had left the class as she had been called for a staff meeting.
“There was once a boy. He was a typical popular guy, playing football and all. One day, his English teacher got pissed off with him, and she changed his seat. Now, he was sitting in the front next to a nerd. Although, she was a nerd, she was really cute. They started talking, and people started teasing them. They had a bet, dares and they got screwed by a lot of teachers for talking in class. She used to write, and he loved reading her stories. Basically, they had fun. Soon, he developed a crush on her but…she never noticed.”
She was quiet for a few moments.”Nice story.”
He managed a weak smile.”Thanks.”
“So…how much of that was true?”
“Wh-what? What’re you talking about?”
“I’m not dumb, bro. How much of that was true?”
“None of it.”
She rolled her eyes.”Fine…if you want me to…I will.”
She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. His eyes widened in surprise and everyone in the class started clapping and whooping with joy. She soon pulled away, blushing and he lopsidedly-grinned at her.
“If that’s what you’re gonna give me every time I tell you a story, I’ll be the best writer in the world.”
She rolled her eyes and slapped his shoulder,smiling.

XxNostalgic musings, done nostalgically musingxX 


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